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About IRHS Services

Welcome to IRHS Services, where we develop products based on touch-free technology addressing to societal concerns. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our quality products and services with the assurance of customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2020 by a bunch of engineering graduates with a long term vision, IRHS Services creates solutions which not only offer luxury, but also ensure affordability and reliability to individuals in various health-care and non health-care settings.

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We work with a futuristic vision towards transforming into a touch-free environment.

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Infrared Technology
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We develop Featured Products

We offer comfort to our customers with exactly what they desire.

Affordable Luxury

We offer the combined advantage of the luxury of automated systems and the affordability of traditional switches.

Societal Hygiene

Our switches ensure hygienic conditions in all health-care and non health-care settings. They aid to curbing viral and bacterial transmission.

Customizable Designs

Our switches come with a range of designs to suite the ambiance. We take customer priorities to be ours.


Our switches ensure a long life operation and come with a replacement warranty as well.

Ensured Quality

The satisfaction of our customers arises out of the quality of our touch-free switches.

Low Power Consumption

Our IR tech switches consume low power and operate with a low response time.


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